Homemade Spa Recipes for Sleepovers and Spa Birthday Parties


  1. these facial masks work i’ve tryed to make them and my skin was smooth and slik.

  2. this really worked!!! it was fun and my kids enjoyed it very much at their slumber party/birthday party!!

  3. I ‘m having a spa sleepover and I have to bring at lest 4 things welll spaie ( for a spa ) and i have a foot massager 3 there are only three people going just too tell you I am also bringing a face scrub i was going to brig nail polish but the other girl has that coverd what should i bring????

    1. you could type or write short descriptions on how the other things you brought work and what is going to happen when you do the treatments, or you could bring magazines for the “patients” to read while their treatment is being done!!!

    2. you should bring a chocolate facial mask

  4. My favourite spa recipe is to squeeze lemon juice into a bowl of mashed avocato and mashed banana. it feels REALLY weird, but it totally cleans clogged pores, removes dry skin and makes your skin alot softer!!

  5. i am so going tohave this for my birthday!

  6. I know what i’m doing for my next birthday! 😉

  7. Hi Im having a birthday pary next week and its a (spa) theme…..i have no idea what to do!!!! Any help would be awesome!


  8. This website is so awesome! It has such good ideas! I have my own website, spa and makeup related. It’s suppppperrrrrr cheap and ALL NATURAL products…….check us out @ spagirlshudson.webs.com
    Thanks for some ideas,

  9. I know what my birthday party is. 🙂

  10. Tomorrow nights the night! Spa sleepover pool party for all the girls and one very brave boy at a fancy hotel in the city! Got some great ideas from this website so I’ll let you all know how it goes! Can’t wait! I’m so excited, but nervous! So wish me luck, I mean the kids luck…. Lol Oh, and PS. Happy Birthday Gianna Marie xoxoxo

  11. wow this stuff is really great it really does work and i think this is what im gonna have for my party yayayayayay thanks alote and yea thats all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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