Easter Party Games

Easter Party Games

Egg Walk
This is played like a Cake Walk.  Cut out 20 large Egg shapes from pastel construction or stock paper and number them 1 – 20.  Also cut small pieces of paper and number them 1 – 20 then place them in an Easter theme decorated bag or container.  Tape the large eggs  to the floor in a large oval “egg” shaped pattern.  When the music plays the guests will walk around the circle.  When the music stops a number is pulled from the bag/container and the person who is standing on that egg receives a decorated sugar cookie or cupcake.  Keep playing until the cupcakes/cookies are gone.

Easter Themed Scavenger Hunt Game
25 different Easter theme items to find in this fun Scavenger hunt. 

How to play:  Divide into two or more teams.  Give a copy of the list to both teams along with a plastic bag (to carry the items) and a pencil (to mark off items as they are collected).   Give each team a separate territory in the neighborhood to find items.  We give one team the odd number houses and the other team the even number houses.  Set a time limit – 1 to 2 hours.  The first team back within the time limit wins 5 extra bonus points.   Each item is worth 1 point.  If a team is late they are docked 5 points.  Sometimes it’s fun to give harder to find items bonus points.  You can also give extra points for different categories such as the largest egg or the biggest chocolate bunny brought back.  Only one item per house.  Make sure an adult is with each team at all times. 

Easter Scavenger Hunt List

1.  Plastic Egg
2.  Chocolate Bunny
3.  Green plastic grass
4.  Basket
5.  Peep
6.  Stuffed Animal
7.  Pastel paper
8.  Easter Bunny
9.  Pink Crayon
10. Egg
11. Rabbit
12. Chicken
13. Lamb
14. Fancy Hat
15. Pastel Ribbon
16. Flower
17. Feather
18. Candy Eggs
19. Easter themed sticker
20. Egg dying kit
21. Cross
22. Rock (Stone rolled away)
23. Easter Lily
24. Chick
25. Colored Egg

How many Eggs?
This is a fun icebreaker game or a good game to have at the start of the party when guests are still arriving.  Before the party fill a large glass container with jellybeans or egg shaped candies. Count the candy as you place them in the jar.  Write down the number on a piece of paper and save for later.  Decorate the jar and place it on a table by the front door.  Cut up pastel colored construction paper into egg shapes and place them on the table with several pens.   Decorate a bag or box to hold the pieces of paper.  When guests arrive ask them to guess how many “eggs” are in the jar and write their answer on one of the hearts.  Place the guess into the bag/container.  The winner is the one who’s guess is closest to the number in the jar.  As a prize give the winner the jar of “eggs”.

Duck Duck Goose
Fun game for all ages … kids love this game when adults play too.
Children sit in a circle on the floor. The first child (patter) starts by walking around the outside of the circle and patting the head of each child. Every time they pat a head they call out “duck”. Then they choose one person to be the goose and yell “GOOSE!” when they pat their head.   The “patter” then runs clockwise around the circle and tries to sit down in the place of the goose before the goose tags them.  If the goose tags the patter then the goose sits back down and the patter starts again. If the goose doesn’t tag the patter then the goose becomes the patter and the game starts again.

Egg Toss
Divide players into teams of 2.  Give each team one egg and have them stand 5 feet apart.  The first team member tosses the egg to the second team member.  If the toss is successful and the egg is not broken then the players each take a big step backward.  They keep tossing the egg back and forth increasing the distance between them with each throw.  The winner is the team who can throw the farthest distance without breaking the egg.  (Be sure to have towels and wipes on hand!) 

Egg and Spoon Race
Place an egg on the spoon and then with the word “Go“ the party guests must walk from the starting line to the finish line without dropping the egg. The first one to cross the line with the egg still on the spoon wins the game.
For team games – divide the party guests into 2 teams. Each team has one spoon and egg. Each member runs the course without dropping the egg. When they return they hand the egg and the spoon to the next person and that person runs the course. Continue until all guests have completed the game race. For older children make the game course more complex by adding obstacles.  If they drop the egg then they pick it up, go back to the starting line and begin again.

Duck Walk Race
Fun and silly for all ages!  In a large area place several cones at one end of the play space.  At the other end place a rope on the ground or something to mark where everyone will be to start the race.  Players will squat down and grab their ankles and then have to waddle to the other side of the designated area, go around a cone and then back to the starting line.  First player back wins.

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